Xprize reveals the starting field carbon removal needs

  • Six Direct air capture companies: Heirloom, Sustaera, Mission Zero, Carbyon, Verdox and Calcite (Heirloom and Verdox teaming up with Carbfix, and Mission Zero with 44.01 for mineralization of the captured CO2).
  • Three biochar suppliers: Netzero, Takachar, and Bioeconomy institute.
  • Three ocean teams, two electrochemical, Planetary and Captura, and one growing Kelp, Marine Permaculture Seaforestation.
  • One on-land algae solution (that seems more geared to CCU), Global Algae Innovations.
  • One mineralization solution, Carbin Minerals
  • One MRV solution, Plantvillage



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Robert Höglund

Robert Höglund

Advising companies and organizations on carbon removal and climate.